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About the Alliance for Retired Americans


The Alliance is a unique state/national organization working to create an America that protects the health and economic security of seniors, rewards work, strengthens families and builds thriving communities. It was launched nationally in 2001 and in Wisconsin in 2005 by a coalition of AFL-CIO affiliated unions and community-based organizations dedicated to economic and social justice.


The Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans




The Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans is a voice for retirees and older Americans. Our goal is to educate, energize and mobilize Wisconsin seniors to make a difference through activism.


The Wisconsin Alliance fights for:


A strong Social Security system that provides   guaranteed benefits & protects families for life.

Health care seniors can depend on through Medicare

Affordable and accessible prescription drugs

Strengthen Pension laws

Affordable and accessible long term care

Continuation of the Wisconsin Senior Care Prescription Drug program

Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act 


General Membership Meeting 


Retired members can join us at the regular scheduled General Membership Meetings the 4th Monday of every month. 


Wisconsin Capitol Dome


Retiree's Club


If you are interested in forming an Automotive Mechanics Lodge Local 510 Retiree's Club, please call 414-774-7140.

Kourpias Urges Retirees to Fight for EFCA


The following essay about the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is by former IAM International President George J. Kourpias, who currently serves as president of the 3-million member Alliance for Retired Americans.

“Unions built the middle class. By standing together, we fought for and won better wages, health care and pensions, and safety and respect on the job.

But much of what we achieved is crumbling in today’s troubled economy. Many of us worry that our children and grandchildren will not live as well as we have. More than ever, American workers need the good wages and benefits that they can best achieve through collective bargaining.

As the former president of the Machinists union – and now as president of the Alliance for Retired Americans – there is no doubt in my mind that the fate of workers and retirees is undeniably linked.

We cannot have a solid, stable retirement unless we have a solid, stable middle class. For example, union workers are three times more likely to have a defined-benefit pension plan than non-union workers. And union workers are five times more likely to have health insurance than non-union workers.

To me, it is no coincidence that as it becomes harder for workers to form and join unions, more and more Americans are struggling to take care of their families, see a doctor or get a prescription filled, or retire with any sense of comfort.

According to the National Labor Relations Board, in 2007 nearly 30,000 workers faced illegal employer retaliation for trying to join a union – that is five times as many as in 1967.

How do we change this? Workers and retirees must fight together to pass the Employee Free Choice Act so we can finally crack down on companies that break the law and try to block a worker’s freedom to join a union.
What can retirees do to help?

First, talk to your children and grandchildren. Polls have shown that younger workers may not be as aware of the benefits of collective bargaining. Tell them all about what our generation went through to create jobs that could support a family. And how much it hurts to see it all slipping away.

Next, tell your Representatives and Senators in Washington. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202/224-3121.

Retirees have a lot at stake in this fight. We know what collective bargaining did for us, and we want only the best for our children and grandchildren. If we stand together – retirees, workers, and community leaders – we can pass the Employee Free Choice Act and restore economic security to people of all ages.”




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