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Rally to Stop Right to Work

BREAKING: There will be a rally to protest the introduction of Right to Work legislation Tuesday, February 24 and Wednesday February 25 at 12:00 p.m. at the state Capitol. We must stand together for our rights as workers and raise our voices in our democracy to stop Right to Work legislation from moving forward in Wisconsin.

WHAT: Rally to Oppose Right to Work
WHEN: 12:00 p.m. Tuesday February 24 and 12:00 p.m. Wednesday February 25
WHERE: State Street Side of the Capitol

The Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform will be holding a hearing Tuesday, February 24. Please join us at 9:00 a.m. to testify in opposition of Right to Work.

You can also CONTACT your legislators in opposition of Right to Work. The legislative hotline is: 1-800-362-9472

Sign the petition to stop Right to Work in Wisconsin.

Republicans are planning to ram this legislation through in an extraordinary session at lightning pace. An extraordinary session changes the rules, limits debate and makes a mockery out of our democracy. A Right to Work bill could pass both houses and be signed into law by the Governor in days.

Making Wisconsin a Right to Work state will not create jobs. Claimed advantages of Right to Work are unproven. Nationally recognized economists agree Right to Work provides no discernible economic advantage. By lowering wages, Right to Work would weaken consumption and may undermine Wisconsin’s small businesses which depend on workers having wages to spend.

Stand up, fight back, participate in democracy. Join us at the Capitol.

We need all hands on deck. Add your name to this petition to stand firm against Right to Work.

We need everyone speaking out and educating their friends, neighbors and legislators on the harmful impact to all workers of Right to Work legislation.

Sign and share the petition today.

Right to Work cripples the fundamental right of every American to join together, stick together and have a meaningful voice in the workplace. Without healthy unions, workers miss out on the chance to “have each other’s backs” and bargain for fair wages. Union negotiated wages and working conditions help all workers, union and non-union.

Let’s be clear, without unions, the promise of the American Dream quickly slips away from hard-working Americans.




Machinists Non-Partisan Political League


The Machinists Non-Partisan Political League is the political arm of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. It was created in 1947 to allow IAM members to gather individual contributions, coordinate political activity, and elect candidates who support IAM members and their families.

Candidates we support know that the MNPL stands for economic justice, security in the workplace and equality for every member. They do not take us for granted.

The MNPL scrutinizes each candidate thoroughly. We ask tough questions such as their positions on trade, labor law reform, economic conversion, transportation policies, and enhancement of the U.S. manufacturing base.


Contribute NOW!


Who's fighting to protect your job, pension, health insurance and social security? Who's wrestling with the current administration over CAFTA, Social Security and JOBS? Who's protecting your health and safety, your right to organize, your job security? Who's taking on the multi-national corporations' schemes to demean the American Dream, to weaken North America's might? Who's battling Corporate America's 34,000 high-priced lobbyists day in and day out?

MNPL is. The Machinists Non-Partisan Political League is IAM's heavyweight champion when it comes to politics and legislation. But these fights are expensive. Sadly, money buys access in the halls of power. And politicians listen more closely when contributors come calling. So, MNPL needs your contribution to wage these fights. Click here to make an online contribution today.



Wisconsin State Politics


Wisconsin Eye is a web sight that allows you to see what's happening in Wisconsin politics. This web site is available to provide unfettered access to the actions of our state government and to the full range of forums, activities, and participants throughout our state that constitute community and public life in Wisconsin; To provide access to the public policy debate and decision-making process without editing, commentary, or analysis and with a balanced presentation of points of view;   



The Wisconsin State Legislature   Office addresses, e-mail addresses and other important information about the Wisconsin State Legislature.



The Political / Legislative Department of the IAM At the IAM''s Political and Legislative Department, our primary focus is jobs. We are constantly pressing Members of Congress to find new and innovative approaches to job creation, pay special attention to the job retention issues and insure that our members and the companies they work for remain victors in the global economic battles. Each day finds us pushing for more: more worker rights, more job security, more jobs, more training, more development, and more political education.


The United States Senate   This site includes links to Senators' offices and also includes bills, calendars, notices of committee hearings, and a daily digest of Senate action (usually with a one day delay)


U.S. House of Representatives   This site includes Member Offices, schedule of hearings, "real time" reports on floor action, a schedule for the week and other current information.


Congress.org This site has been updated for the 105th Congress. It includes a page for each U.S. Senator and Congressman. All committee assignments are listed as well. The site provides a guide for contacting your Senator or Congressman and an e-mail form for doing so.


THOMAS   Full text of legislation, all versions of House & Senate bills are searchable by keywords or by number. Full text of the Congressional Record from 1994.  This site has links to other useful government information and historical documents.


Political Action by State


The Wisconsin State Legislature   Office addresses, e-mail addresses and other important information about the Wisconsin State Legislature.



Wisconsin Democracy Campaign


Follow the money. Here you can look up, who gave, how much, and where they live. Because, every dollar is traced, no one can hide.


The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a nonprofit, nonpartisan political watchdog group dedicated to clean government. We advocate for a real democracy that allows the common good to prevail over narrow interests by reinforcing and protecting the values of honesty, fairness, transparency, accountability, citizen participation, competition, and respect for constitutional rights and the rule of law.

In pursuit of its mission, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign tracks the money in state politics, fights government corruption and works for campaign finance reform, fair elections, judicial integrity, media democracy, open and transparent government, and democracy reform in areas such as state legislative and congressional redistricting, ethics, and lobbying. We pursue these objectives through research, citizen education, community outreach, coalition building and direct advocacy.



Wisconsin a "Right to Work for Less" State


Our union brothers and sisters are facing a great challenge as leaders seek to make Wisconsin a "Right to Work for Less" state. To set the record (and the name) straight, right to work for less doesn’t guarantee any rights. In fact, by weakening unions and collective bargaining, it destroys the best job security protection that exists: the union contract. Meanwhile, it allows workers to pay nothing and get all the benefits of union membership. Right to work laws say unions must represent all eligible employees, whether they pay dues or not. This forces unions to use their time and members’ dues money to provide union benefits to free riders who are not willing to pay their fair share.

Learn how to protect your job and ask your Steward how you can help. You can begin by reading the facts.



Local 510, Wake Up and Fight



All members can rally their families and friends, to assemble at the Wisconsin State Capital. Your presence is needed there, every day this week. Legislators that support workers rights, need to know that you support their decisions. Bring your friends, children, and other family members to experience what our state Capital has to offer. Tour the capital building, visit with your legislator, have lunch at one of the area establishments (that are supporting worker rights). While there you can watch the Senate or the Assembly (while in committee) from the viewing balcony. You can also register your opinion, by signing up to be heard. You will be given time to speak in the committee, so your legislators see your face, as they hear your words. If your time is limited, you do not have to be present. Your name and opinion will be read and registered in the official records. While there (third floor) you can also sign a petition against this Budget repair Bill.


Give an hour of your time, be a part of labor history, and fight for the rights that all workers receive, and many have died for. Don't let Scott Walker and friends (CEO's, Lobbyists, and other corporate leaders), take your basic rights away.




Obama Responds: Wisconsin Governor's Assault on Workers


Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker has introduced a bill that would strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights. Thousands of people have descended on the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison to protest the bill.


President Obama has responded by stating "Some of what I've heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions."


You can read more by visiting States of Denial.


Support through Social Media


What else can you do? Do you use Face Book or Twitter? Social networking with other workers can help spread the union movement. Click on one of the links to show your support.




Historic National Mediation Board Rule Change 


The National Mediation Board (NMB) made history on May 11 when it declared that airline and rail workers deserve the same voting rights as workers in every other U.S. industry.

U.S. Senators will soon begin debate on a last-ditch resolution by Georgia Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson that would block the NMB rule change and restore the unfair voting procedure that was a key tool in anti-union campaigns.

Under the new voting guidelines, representation elections for transportation workers will be decided by a majority of workers who actually vote. The new NMB guidelines would end the practice of assigning “no” votes to all workers who do not participate in an election.

Click here to send a message to your Senators and ask them to oppose the Isakson resolution.


The National Mediation Board (NMB) this week published in the Federal Register its long-awaited change to rules governing representation elections conducted under the Railway Labor Act.

In the brief summary of the historic change, the NMB declared: “As part of its ongoing efforts to further the statutory goals of the Railway Labor Act, the National Mediation Board is amending its National Railway Act rules to provide that, in representation disputes, a majority of valid ballots cast will determine the craft or class representative (italics added). This change to its election procedures will provide a more reliable measure/indicator of employee sentiment in representation disputes and provide employees with clear choices in representation matters.”

Under the NMB’s previous election guidelines, 50+1 of eligible voters in an election were required to participate in the election in order for the NMB to certify a union. Anyone who did not cast a vote was automatically considered to have voted against union representation. In contrast, union representation elections conducted under the National Labor Relations Act, as well as all other public elections, are decided by a simple majority of those who actually cast a ballot.

“Thousands of Machinists union members and hundreds of members of Congress told the NMB that it was time to end its 75-year practice of imposing a viewpoint on people who, either by choice or by chance, do not participate in representation elections,” said Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr.

The NMB’s new rule will take effect 30 days after being published in the Federal Register.





A month-long effort by UCubed leaders and activists to craft a guiding document for the Ur Union of Unemployed has resulted in a 21-point plan that is unique for priorities it identified, as well as for how the plan was developed.

Nearly 450 UCubed activists participated in an online survey to solicit, debate and refine suggestions for an action plan to put more than 30 million unemployed Americans back to work. Click here to view the plan.

“Now that the Hire US, America plan is finalized, the next step is to secure its endorsement by state and federal candidates for office,” said UCubed Acting Executive Director Rick Sloan. “UCubed leaders and jobs activists will be visiting campaign headquarters this summer and asking them to support the Hire US, America plan.”

“The unemployment numbers for May are expected to show a dramatic increase in jobs,” said Sloan. “But we cannot rely on the invisible hand of the market to create jobs. It's not calloused enough. And it's always too busy fingering its trading programs. We need an aggressive plan that does what the private sector cannot do: put 30 million Americans back to work. That's what the Hire US, America plan starts to do.”

Ur Union of Unemployed, or UCubed, is a community service project of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) designed to assist the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, and to provide them with a structure that allows them to take advantage of their growing numbers. For more information, visit Ur Union of Unemployed.


U.S Aerospace Companies Sending American Jobs to China


In testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, IAM Director of Trade and Globalization Owen Herrnstadt described how Western aerospace companies are providing China with billions in tools and technologies that are certain to cost U.S. aerospace jobs.

“The outsourcing of aerospace and related work to China poses a threat to U.S. aerospace workers and the U.S. industrial base in four different but related ways,” said Herrnstadt. “First, jobs that may be associated with the transfer of technology and production are lost; second, the skills that accompany the transfers are lost leading to a further decline in our industrial base; third, additional jobs could be lost in the future as China utilizes the transfer from the U.S. to create and strengthen its own aerospace companies that will compete directly with U.S. companies; and fourth, the technology and production that would have lead to more U.S. jobs through the development of innovative products is lost.”

Click here to read the full testimony.

Herrnstadt called on policy makers to focus on ways to minimize the growing threat of China’s aerospace industry by undertaking efforts to curtail outsourcing of aerospace and related work to China. Among other things, he proposed a framework that collects accurate information regarding the precise number of U.S. jobs that are lost due to China’s growing aerospace industry.

Additional IAM recommendations include implementation of mechanisms to determine with precision the employment impact of transfers of technology and production on the domestic workforce; establish an effective and speedy system to track all parts and materials used by domestic aerospace and aviation companies; mandate fully transparent and uniform domestic content requirements that support domestic jobs; review China’s aerospace industry for a possible trade complaint and raise China’s use of transfers of technology and production in bilateral and multilateral dialogues.




Union Cite Pensions in Call for Bankruptcy Reform


In testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law, the IAM called for passage of H.R. 4677; Protecting Employees and Retirees in Business Bankruptcies Act of 2010, to close loopholes in current bankruptcy law that gives some corporations incentives to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

“While Chapter 11 bankruptcy can provide struggling companies an opportunity to regroup and avoid liquidation, it is increasingly abused as a means to get a leg-up on the competition,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. “Companies are also using bankruptcy as a means to take what they can from employees outside of the normal collective bargaining process, not just what is needed for a corporation to survive.”

Roach cited airlines use of bankruptcy protection to cease funding of defined benefit pension plans for tens of thousands of employees, which ultimately led to termination of those plans by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

“Bankruptcy law should be amended to ensure employers engage in good-faith bargaining when seeking contract modifications,” said Roach. “Companies should no longer be able to use the bankruptcy code to eliminate decades of collective bargaining gains when there is no justifiable reason - other than corporate greed.”

Click here for the entire testimony.




Health Care


Tell Congress: No Taxes on Family Health Care Benefits


As the fight to shape a final health care bill moves through Congress, working families can help stop the effort to tax their health care benefits by joining millions of fellow workers in the AFL-CIO’s National Call-In Blitz to the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

Call your Representative using the toll-free number 1-877-323-5246. Tell your Representative that you want health care reform that: Does not tax health benefits for working families; requires employers to pay their fair share and maintains a public option to reduce costs. Click here to send an email message to Congress to oppose the tax on health care benefits for working families.

The House is trying to reconcile its version of health care reform with the bill passed in the Senate. The House version does not have a tax on health care benefits, has a public option and stronger language to make employers pay their fair share of health costs. But without a strong protest from working families, many of these provisions could be dropped if the final health care package tilts more toward the Senate version which has the health care tax provision.



Election Information - Elections and Candidates Whether it's working behind the scenes getting an anti-labor provision removed from a bill or mobilizing a nationwide grassroots effort, the Legislative Department is one of the few voices in government fighting for working men and women.


Click here to TAKE ACTION NOW





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